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Blk 133 Jurong Gateway Road #01-295 Singapore 600133

Gone are the days when one could live wholesomely with a salary from the beginning o the month to the end. Life today has turned things outside down, and people, whether in entrepreneurship or in employment, are always looking for some extra finances.
This is done to cater for emergencies such as medical, renovations, car repairs, education costs, among other expenses.
When we consider Singapore, it has become a relatively expensive place to live in. In a real sense, living here is more costly than a person living in Los Angeles or New York. To add more pain to the injury, when the issue of the Covid pandemic came in, lockdowns and restricted movement among cities and towns brought the economy to its knees.
But in all these, there is always a way out; looking forward to that extra cash that will help a business person or an employee pick up once more.
There are tons of companies offering a helping hand to see that one gets out of the woods and become financially stable again, as we can see beyond reasonable doubt how financial organizations are working towards the achievement of this.
But then, there is a need for the entrepreneur to analyze and know the best moneylender to deal with rather than falling into the hands of loan sharks who are out to benefit themselves from the hard-earned money.
At SGP Credit, Singaporeans are assured of getting the best loans, whether personal loans, business loans, SME loans or any other type of loan, depending on the borrower’s need. It is a personal loan licensed moneylender that has been in the market for many years and has offered exemplary services to its customers.

Why SGP Credit?
• Flexibility- Think of having an emergency and do not know how to solve it? At SGP credit, we are flexible to match the financial needs of the individual and offer the financial service within the required period. This is unlike banks where they have to go through a series of approvals, which are expensive and time-consuming. People get worried about this flexibility but be rest assured that SGP credit is licensed and operates entirely under the law.
This then means that reliability will not be a compromise but offer the best services.
• Best and Accommodative Interest Rates
Do you know that SGP credit offers the best and the lowest interest rates in Singapore? To add to it, there are no hidden costs to this, and any cost thereof is indicated in the contract letter, and the officers in charge ensure that the contract is read and understood by the borrower before signing takes place. There is nothing good like working with a moneylender regulated by the government because they mind revoking their license, which may mess with their popularity in Singapore.
• Enhanced Security
SGP credit has its physical offices in Singapore, unlike the briefcase moneylenders who are not careful of their customer’s security. While at SGP, be assured that all information will be secured, and data protection and privacy will be enhanced. Therefore, no amount of your personal information can leak out from the records.
• Customer Interest is our Priority
Offering sustainable financial solutions is the order of the day. It is in the management’s interest to solve their customer’s problems by minimizing complicated procedures and by training on the viable solutions that will issue the financial burden at any given period.
If you have been looking for a moneylender that will offer the best financial solutions, look no more because SGP Credit is here for you. You only need to view our website on https://www.sgpcredit.com.sg/, and the rest will be catered for in a matter of minutes.
Steps involved while applying for a loan At SGP Credit
Every established moneylender in Singapore has its procedures laid out to ensure they disburse safe loans to esteemed customers. Below are the steps that SGP Credit consider before any approval takes place

i. Eligibility- This means that, for instance, in personal loans, the individuals must be in permanent employment, 18 years and above, and be permanent residents of Singapore.
However, if one is a foreign worker, they should have a Singapore employment pass.
ii. Documentation-There are documents that need to be provided, such as
• Certified copies of the last three months statement
• CPF statements
• An Original bill with proof of the residential address
• Income statements.
iii. Credit Scores Evaluation-The borrower must have a good credit history to confirm that they will religiously pay back the loan within a reasonable duration.

With this information provided, there is a 100% assurance that one’s loan request will be approved in a matter of hours and sort out the emergencies that we’re giving you endless headaches.
Tips to Good Financial Spending Habits
Taking a loan is always not an option. However, life demands that one get involved in it to meet the financial obligations at the time of need. To avoid being caught in financial challenges, here are a few tips to support the same.
Always have a Plan in Place.
While budgeting may be a strenuous exercise, it is a good financial habit that will help one manage their finances and spend on the most needful expenses. Doing this will avoid any impulse buying that would lead to the challenge of financial incapacitation.
Avoid Committing to new Monthly expenses.
While the monthly income can accommodate that extra expense, it is imperative to avoid new commitments and instead save. This will help meet unexpected contingencies at a future date.
Take Charge of the Regular Monthly Spending.
Life becomes much easier when one is ready to take charge of the recurring expense and prioritize on them when the salary hits the bank account. By doing this, it’s easier to manage finances and only seek to get a loan when it’s indispensable. This is a tried and true tip and has seen many people manage their finances without a lot of hassle.
However, when emergencies arise, getting a helping hand is a necessary option and getting a loan from a reliable provider is the way to go. SGP credit will always be there when you need that helping hand.

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