SGP CREDIT is a licensed moneylender that recognises the need of Singapore locals and foreign nationals to have a cushion against financial difficulties through money lending.

SGP CREDIT has designed short-term and low interest loan products tailored to fit various personal and business needs – and with easy, flexible and affordable payment plans.

We offer Personal Loans to make it easier for PRs and foreigners to provide for their needs today and carry out their plans for tomorrow. SGP CREDIT Business Loans make it stress-free for entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to respond to business prospects and opportunities, and manage challenges. SGP CREDIT can also give borrowers quick application results (in mere minutes for some cases) for Payday Loans and Fast Cash.

In an effort to contribute to the financial successes and improve the overall quality of life of her borrowers, SGP CREDIT offers reasonable interest rates in the industry – a rare find amongst the many moneylender companies in Singapore. As a rule, SGP CREDIT guarantees its borrowers with the most accurate loan computation, sans malicious and hidden charges. This way, borrowers can be assured that they are paying for the amount that they have borrowed rather than its interest.

SGP CREDIT regards its borrowers as trustworthy, honest and responsible individuals and hence, SGP CREDIT can personalise your payment terms so you can repay your loans according to your financial capacity, whether monthly or on your paydays.

And because business transactions, for SGP CREDIT, are more than just mere financial services, our loan consultants take pride in providing that listening ear, walking you through your financial woes and helping you tide things over. SGP CREDIT business focus is on building life-long relationships with her clients.

With SGP CREDIT, money lending isn’t just a business. We take money lending in stride, enabling financial stability and promoting self-sufficiency for all Singaporeans – locals and foreigners alike.

Do contact us today and speak with one of our friendly representatives!