What is a Business Working Capital Loan?

Are you considering a move on expanding your business, or you are looking to undertake a project or buy a piece of new equipment, and your worry is on how you will cope with running your daily expenditure after an investment has been made? Or is it the case that you don’t just have adequate cash on hand to cover day-to-day operational expenses due to the fact that your company runs in a high seasonality or cyclical sales industry- for instance, retailers sell more product during the fourth quarter of the year, the holiday season, than at any other time of the year. If you fall into this category, then let me introduce you to the Business Working Capital Loan.

A Business working capital loan is a kind of loan that you apply for, to meet the financial demands of your company’s everyday operations. The business working capital loan is not a loan that is used to finance long term investments or assets. It is only useful for providing working capital that covers a company’s short-term operational need.

A working capital loan is a perfect option when you are faced with cash flow challenges; this is true as it is no news that running a business is highly cash-intensive. The good thing with the loan is that it does not require an equity transaction, this means that as a business owner, you can maintain full control of your company even while getting the loan. Moreover, the good thing is that several institutions render working capital loans within Singapore.

Are you eligible?

Working capital loans are offered by several banks and different money lenders in Singapore. Eligibility for working capital loans varies across loan providing organisations in Singapore, but it includes but is not limited to:

  • The borrower must be a business, corporation or limited liability partnership.
  • The business must be registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore.
  • The enterprise must have a bank account in Singapore; 

If you satisfy these conditions, stay positive that you will acquire a working business working capital loan to keep your business running and growing. Note that any money lender that requires that an upfront payment made, before the loan will be released, is not genuine. So, to avoid being scammed, check out for Singapore licensed money lenders or to cut out the stress, try out with SGP Credit; Singapore’s best money lending choice.

At SGP Credit, we understand that every need is unique and also demands immediate attention, and this is why regardless of the size of your need, we are committed to helping you keep your business moving. We offer several loan types, and business working capital loan happens to be part of our available options. Our working capital loans come at flexible terms and low-interest rates. Two minutes for application, then two hours for approval and in 24 hours, you get disbursement at flexible repayment terms. Desist from bothering about your day-to-day expenses and check out our offers.

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