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There are times when we find ourselves short of money – there are pressing bills to pay as well as insurance premiums that are overdue. Otherwise, we might end up without an important utility or be forced to forgo benefits or insurance cash values just because we missed out in paying our obligations. There are also times when we find ourselves in an unexpected emergency – a medical emergency. With our families, this emergency may involve the loved ones close to us – our beloved children, spouses or aging parents. Sometimes, with the stress this entails, it can lead to unwise decisions or poor choices that we may regret later. The lack or absence of financial resources can also force us to settle for mediocre services or absurd interest rates.
Good thing there is an establishment whose business is to help her customers tide over tough financial difficulties and support them in times of crisis. SGP CREDIT takes away the stress in looking for such finances when the lack of it tends to overwhelm us. Among our varied products are personal loans, foreigner loans and business loans. Beyond lending money to those in distress, we also provide suggestions and support to help our clientele get over their predicaments without getting them into more debt. Also, taking out a loan isn’t a hassle – the process is simple and approval in minutes in some cases.

Personal Loan

Getting a personal loan may be unheard of especially if you have savings and investments, in view of a regular income. However, accidents or emergencies may happen – and cause a financial strain, especially if our finances are tied up in investments and insurance policies. It would be ideal if such accidents and emergencies require very little cash outlay on your end. But what if such accidents and emergencies are life-threatening and require a large amount of cash and your savings and investments aren’t enough? One choice is to borrow money from friends and relatives who often don’t charge any interest. You can also take out a loan against your insurance or your investments. But if they are still not enough, another option you can consider is to borrow from a licensed moneylender.
Getting the personal loan from SGP CREDIT ensures that you or your situation isn’t taken advantage of. This is because you won’t be charged very high interest rates that would only lead you to more debt. A personal loan from SGP CREDIT may be secured based on how much money you make and what assets you have that could back up your capacity to pay back the loan. It also does not put your car or your house at risk because a personal loan doesn’t require collateral. Our friendly Loan Consultants from SGP CREDIT are every ready to work with you to understand, discuss and work out a financial plan to follow, to tide over the difficult period you may be facing.

Foreigner Loan

It is a given that there are foreigners working among us. They are also subject to the challenges and difficulties that we undergo, such as medical emergencies or other necessities that they may need in the course of their employment within Singapore. They may also need extra cash to remit to their families or loved ones back home. And since Singapore extends equality and justice to all foreigners within Singapore, they are also entitled to loans here at SGP CREDIT – specifically, foreigner loans.
Foreigner loans are similar to personal loans but are catered specifically for foreigners. Moreover, they are extended to people who have the ability to pay as proven by their age. Foreigners must also possess an S-Pass, E-Pass or work permit. Therefore, such loans are extended to those who are working in Singapore rather than those who may be visiting the city-state. For this to be verified, they should be able to produce an employment letter. Further, as proof of their capacity to pay and their employment, applicants need to have a bank statement and documents to show their previous six months salary, including phone bills or a tenancy agreement.

Business Loan

SGP CREDIT also offers business loan to enterprising individuals. A business loan can be used to finance a business’ day to day operations including acquisition of necessary equipments or supplies. It can also be used to finance upgrading or maintenance of machinery or for automation purposes. Getting a business loan could thus potentially increase sales and revenue for a small business or decrease costs. It also encourages efficiency that will benefit customers. Employees are also able to attend to much more pressing matters that are best handled by humans rather than machines. Such a loan is extended to sole proprietors, partnerships and private limited companies.
Aside from the financial support extended by SGP CREDIT for these businesses, representatives are also available to give advice and recommendations as to how best to make the most of an available loan. Entrepreneurs only have to present their business profile along with their audited financial and bank statements as proof of the business’ viability. The income tax of its owners or directors is also used to assess a business’ capability of undertaking its objective.