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SME Loans From Licensed Money Lenders in Singapore

Running a small business is not any form of a joke. It can be demanding and stressful. Especially for brands that seek to expand. One of the significant issues with SMEs is the fact that they always find it difficult to break through the title-SME and grow into large enterprises. This is primarily due to lack of enough funding to execute expansion plans and programs. The good news now is the fact that there are now such things as SME loans offered to SMEs to help fund their daily working expenses and their growth moves. SME loans come in different forms, two of which are business loans and microloans. Also, both are the focal point of discussion on this page.

Microloans are the minimal, short-term loans characterized with low-interest rates and are available to micro-scale ventures like self-employed individuals, new startups, and small businesses with less than five employees while business loans allow for more massive amounts to be requested.

Singapore is one of the perfect environments for business growth around the world. Several policies and factors have been put in place to help small and medium enterprises up to the ladder. One of these factors is the availability of several financial institutions like banks and money lenders, who are as interested in your business as you are.

SME Business loans in Singapore is provided by about 20 different banks and countless money lenders. Although you have to be careful not to get in the hands of fraudulent money lenders, so, be sure you are contracting with legally licensed money lending brands. Moreover, that their terms, rates and all are consistent with your needs and resources. Do not allow yourself to be pushed into deals that are not beneficial to you.

When in doubt, use banks when:

  • You have collateral to provide.
  • You have good credit.
  • You don’t need cash urgently.

Also, use money lenders when:

  • You do not have any collateral.
  • You lack time in business.
  • You need the loan as quickly as possible.

To cut out all of the stress and elongated time, get a trusted and licensed money lender like SGP CREDIT. We deliver business loans and microloans at very affordable rates and in simple and flexible terms. We are as much interested in your business, as you are, and so we are always eager to lend a helping hand. We are your best bet around here. To find out why we are the best money lender in Singapore, as reviewed by our customers, then try our services today.

We at SGP CREDIT, understand that obtaining business loans and microloans for SMEs is a significant challenge for small businesses, mainly due to stringent lending standards. This is, irrespective of the fact that outsourcing of funds is necessary to help small businesses grow, and in some cases, cover their daily running costs, which includes payroll inventory. So, we are here to mend the finance lag, at pocket-friendly rates and on business promoting terms.

Apply for a loan with us today!